Selected Recent Reviews

January 26, 2005
Memphis Flyer
"Seeing Red at "the Red Show"

—by Carol Knowles

….A small red paper square collaged onto the surface of Carol Buchman’s mixed media canvas "Eternal Flame, Blessing for creativity" contains one of the most inventive drawings in the show. In what looks like mythic metaphor for the creative process, the right leg belonging to an upside-down figure pushes through a cloud. The left foot appears to grasp and shape the cloud, while the head, which has separated from the body, gazes at the scene. By adding a golden flame and Hebrew letters to the figure that sculpts the sky, Buchman transforms a deep-red canvas into a spiritual/mystical/mythical realm where all things are possible.



August 26-Sept 1 2004
The Memphis Flyer
"Deep Space, Three Explorers at Perry Nicole"

—By Carol Knowles

(Cigar Box (Respiro) Series
…"Buchman plays the roles of both shaman and artist in her "Respiro Box" series of 20 oil and gouache scenes on cigar boxes. Buchman draws viewers into the unfiltered feelings and multiperspectival visions she experiences in dreams and reverie. The unmodulated blues, reds, and yellows she streaks across the sky with childlike abandon in "Mermaid" read as a fleeting succession of dream images.

In "Incantations" a girl in a diaphanous gown stands in a thunderstorm between two rearing stallions. The artist’s glazes capture moonlight shining onto bare skin through transparent material as she depicts the intense psychic and sexual energy accessible to our naked, guileless dreaming selves.


Two cats are out roaming for the night in "Moonlight Dance". They two step around each other in a synchronous but never touching dance that could be a mating ritual, martial arts exercise, or territorial face off. The artist depicts the movement of the cats and moonlight so persuasively you feel the prowling energy of these night adventurers.

A totally relaxed black cat hangs across a woman’s right shoulder in Sunrise Swim and another cat swims straight out to sea. A tiny black, white –tummied feline leads five horses out of the water in "Praia Jabaquara"…